Executive Coaching

Our Executive Leadership Coaching builds 21st-century awareness and skills related to individual and group creativity. 

In these learning sessions, leaders engage with research-based training materials and customized coaching to unlock sustainable innovation.  Executives will learn about their own creative abilities as well as how to support the creativity of employees and the organization.  Leaders walk away with a new perspective on organizational development that matches the wants and needs of future employees and sustainable practices.

Like all WISE HD trainings, this experience is completely customized.  Our skilled researchers take the time to understand your organizations current culture and innovative plans. Training sessions are developed to meet the reality of your professional needs as well as the needs of your industry and personnel. 

Managers Coaching

Building innovative organizations requires a team approach.  WISE HD’s consultants provide managers with 21st-century training. 

In these small- to mid-sized training groups, managers learn to identify and support creative attributes in themselves and those who they are tasked with managing. Like all WISE HD trainings, Managers Coaching is completely customized.  Our coaches take the time to get to know your managers and your organization. Training sessions are developed with the organization’s leaders to keep everyone moving ahead and on the same page. 

Educational Administrative Coaching

Building a 21st-century society requires a 21st-century education. WISE HD provides both pedagogical and andragogical educational leaders with ongoing knowledge and skill trainings to drive innovation. 

Educational Administrators engage with the latest mind, brain, and education science to realize educational reform.  By conceptualizing 21st-century skills in neuroscience, educational leaders develop strategies to plan, communicate, motivate, and realize 21st-century change.

Teacher Coaching

WISE HD supports teachers with 21st-century knowledge and educational techniques. 21st-century schools differ from industrial revolution schools.  Teacher Coaching aligns pedagogy to the latest mind, brain, and education science research.  

Teachers gain more than quick-fix behavior managing techniques and strategies.  Rather, teachers uncover how critical and creative thinking manifest in the brain as well as how behavior and emotion impact learning.    

Keynote Speaker

Supporting 21st-century skills has powerful implications for organizational development.  Dr. Schmitz is an energetic keynote speaker ready to support your next event.  

Book her today to speak about how to support creativity and other 21st-century skills.


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