Education that Ignites Creative Well-being.

What would happen if everyone grew up believing they were creative? What would work feel like if creativity was rewarded? What would the world feel like if everyone tapped into their true passions and intrinsic motivation? How would society be impacted if everyone felt happy and healthy? Embracing a 21st-century skillset promises answers and WISE HD is dedicated to delivering educational programs that address today’s most pressing issues by providing training programs centered on creative well-being for innovation.

Our vision is global access to knowledge, skills, and training that supports and motivates 21st-century human development.

Meet the Team

Melissa Schmitz

Owner and Senior Education Consultant

Melissa Schmitz is an award-winning educator recognized for increasing academic success and motivating educational change. She has over 25 years of experience as a public and private educator. Receiving a bachelor’s degree in music from Indiana University of Pennsylvania, a master’s degree in education from the University of Tennessee, and a doctorate in educational leadership and management from Drexel University, Dr. Schmitz is an experienced leader of educational change and organizational development. Currently, she is the senior educational consultant and owner of WISE HD, a workplace for innovative, sustainable, education and human development.

Additionally, Dr. Melissa Schmitz is an associate researcher with ELaBS (an Education, Learning and Brain Research collaborative at Drexel University’s School of Education) as well as a partner of the Freddie Reisman Center (FRC) for Translational Research in Creativity and Motivation. She is an author and researcher of several university courses on the mindfulness and creativity. To learn more about Dr. Schmitz’s approach to education, visit the video resources link featured as part of the book Welcome to the Writing Workshop: Engaging Today’s Students with a Model that Works by Stacey Shubitz and Lynne Dorfman.

Aubree Slavik

Data Analyst

Creativity is my passion – whether visualizing and sharing complex data with diverse audiences or building and delivering curriculum.

My broad experience in K-12 schools, high education, museums, and international business share a common thread in my dedication to building relationships within communities through the data we share and the stories that connect us.

Specialties: Curriculum Design; Public Speaking; Web Design; Brand Development; User Experience Design; Data Visualization

Brittany Lazer Gheer


Brittany Lazer-Gheer holds a Master’s of Science in Art Education from Kutztown University. Brittany teaches art at a public elementary school.  Her research focuses on how creativity and creative awareness assists students in developing strategies to cultivate thinking and learning.

We provide organizational and individual 21st-century professional development, information, and training materials needed to realize creative, collaborative, working and learning communities.