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Brushing Up on What Creativity Means

By Dr. Melissa Schmitz Creativity. We know what it means, right? We use the word all the time and in a variety of ways. We judge it. What a creative idea! We recognize it. Johnny has a very creative mind. We seek it. There is a problem, does anyone have a creative solution? We believe you either have it or you …

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Creativity’s “To Do” List

Dr. Melissa Schmitz Calls for innovative solutions to complicated problems abound. Our complex and rapidly changing world requires 21st-century skills including creativity and mental flexibility. But how do we make the changes necessary to realized a 21st-century society. Join me as I share 10 “To Do’s” that support what it means to be 21st-century creative. …

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Embracing 21st Century Skills – A Shift in Thinking

Dr. Melissa M. Schmitz May 2022 International thinktanks outline requirements for success in the 21st-century. Creativity is central to the requirements for learning and future economic development. Yet, even now in 2022, organizations, both business and educational, struggle to support creativity. Why is this? The short answer, creativity is complex. The long answer, I will cover …