Person standing on a floor painted with white arrows

Creativity’s “To Do” List

Dr. Melissa Schmitz

Calls for innovative solutions to complicated problems abound. Our complex and rapidly changing world requires 21st-century skills including creativity and mental flexibility. But how do we make the changes necessary to realized a 21st-century society. Join me as I share 10 “To Do’s” that support what it means to be 21st-century creative.

10: Brush up on what creativity means in today’s world.

9: Accept that aspect of our society must change to support creativity.

8: Realize the wellbeing – creativity connection.

7: Share this news with others.

6: Practice mindful creativity.

5: Reflect on habits – personally and professionally.

4: Innovate systems to support creativity.

3: Advance creativity research.

2: Apply creativity research in a timely manner.

1: Create the world we want.

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