A Framework for Learning

Melissa M Schmitz

WISE HD offers a research-based educational guide to support today’s professionals with much needed creativity education information. It is designed to deliver skills and strategies for immediate implementation as well as a framework to guide next steps in building a 21st-century skillset. Rooted in the emerging field of mind, brain, and education science, WISE HD’s Mindful Creativity Training supports clients in transforming industrial models of thinking into 21st-century models capable of supporting creativity and wellness.

WISE HD conceptualizes the abstract and complex processes involved in creative thinking, identifies factors that support creativity, and offers practical skills and strategies for practice and assessment. Clients are first introduced to the emerging field of educational neuroscience and the cognitive processes associated with creativity support. Next, clients explore a brief history of creativity science and research-based factors that support creativity.

Following this, clients self-assess and reflect upon current creative abilities in support of intentional practice of specific creative factors. Lessons and exercises are customized to support creativity development and practice in all disciplines and for all individuals. This includes lessons that conceptualize the human emotional process to assist in developing the emotional skills necessary for creative development and overall wellness. By utilizing the WISE HD framework, clients lead personal and professional change that supports both creativity and wellbeing.

The objectives of the guiding framework and means by which they can be achieved are described in the following outline. Your training program will be framed by three-modules, Mindfulness, Creativity, and Mindful Creativity for Professional Growth.  Each session will be custom designed to meet your individual needs.